The Magic of Photoshop

Most photographers offer touch up through Photoshop. The reason for this is to do little things that just make your headshot POP! A good example is helping a little glint in the eye or erasing the crazy hair strand that went across your face on the otherwise perfect photo. Photoshop can hide a multitude of sins but it is a little like plastic surgery and can be addicting. Be careful how much you get done!! Your headshot still needs to look like you because, after all, you are marketing YOURSELF. When you walk into the appointment, casting is expecting to see what they saw in the photo.

Think of Photoshop as make up. Use it to help the dark circles under the eyes or the make up that wasn’t on so evenly the day of the shoot. When you view your photos, talk with your photographer and go over what will be photoshopped (if anything) in your photos. Perhaps the teeth need a little brightening, or the skin tone. The key to Photoshop success is two fold:

1. Use it for little fixes, to enhance

2. Talk with your photographer and make sure you understand what will be corrected and what won’t.

Now before you give me the stink eye and say “But…” I will cut you off to tell you that I have seen over photoshopped headshots and unless you are going for the creepy porcelin doll come to life role, this is NOT a good look for your headshots.(For Promo and marketing shots, that is a different story and a different post…this is in regards to HEADSHOTS) In TV and film today, we are seeing a lot of very REAL looking people. Don’t be ashamed of that scar or cowlick. That is who YOU are and they are calling you in because they like what they saw on the photo. It all adds to your unique personality and ultimately, that is what sells. So talk with your representation and your photographer. Photoshop the blemishes, the stray hairs, the little things…but don’t change who YOU are!! (Insert your favorite rendition of You are So Beautiful or I love you just the Way you Are here)


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