Ready for your CLOSE UP

Since the HEADSHOT is the most important tool in your acting bag, let’s take a few minutes to talk about how you get ready for your appointment. We all know you should get a good night’s sleep and drink plenty of water but here are a few other tid bits you may not have thought of and you should… This way your appointment is the very best it can be.

*Don’t eat red meat 48 hours prior to headshot appointment (dark circles under the eye…ooo bad)

*Schedule appointment for when you are the most energetic in the day (NOT a morning person? Then don’t bring your crabbiness to your headshot appointment)

*Come with BASIC make up only (cover up, base, light mascara, chapstick)

*Pack a water bottle and healthy snacks for energy boost if needed

*Brush teeth prior to appointment (seriously…I don’t even want to tell you why this is on the list but it is)

*Don’t wash hair right before appointment (Day old dirty hair usually styles better. Notice day old, not manky greasy, I need a shower old) Along with this, don’t show up with wet hair either. (I know you are laughing right now, but it needs to be said. Arrive with hair styled and ready to go.

Follow these simple steps and when the time comes for your appointment, you know you are fresh, ready, and good to go!


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