Keeping on Top of it All

Just like a doctor or a teacher, it’s important for a photographer to keep up on his trade as well. Technology changes all the time and these days it seems there are always exciting techniques to learn and perfect.

I was very pleased to be able to attend some excellent workshops with Kelby Training this last week. I’ve been a fan of Scott’s teaching for a long time so it was great for me to be able to interact with him and some other presenters and talk about lighting techniques, touch up magic, and other techniques to add to my bag of tricks. It’s always great to rub shoulders with the industry greats!!

I have a headshot client tomorrow whose agreed to stay a little longer then the normal appointment time so we can test out some new techniques. I think it’s like when my wife comes home with new make up and she can’t wait to try it out and show it off! So if I was the type of guy to get giddy, I would be right now. Love my industry and LOVE my job!!


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