Have fun….SERIOUSLY!!

So, here you are in LA. You are excited for your acting career! Good for you!!You are taking all the right acting classes and hob nobbing at all the right places. You have done your homework, you’ve decided on the best photographer for your HEADSHOTS, hopefully JT Pro Imaging, and now you are getting things together for the shoot and you find yourself stressed. WHAT?!
OK, reality check, your goal is to make a living in front of the camera. Headshots should be exciting. You should be looking forward to this! This is your day where you get to LET IT ALL HANG OUT!! Your ‘job’ here is to just be you and let the photographer do the rest. The very best headshots capture personality. PERSONALITY is what gets CASTING’S attention. The light in your eyes, the smirk on your face. THIS is what gets you in the door to where you get to really shine. Don’t be stressed. I’ve seen some amazing headshots happen in a white T shirt and jeans. The key is to BE YOU!! Bring your favorite tops; things you are comfortable in and say HEY, THIS IS ME!! Don’t go buy a bunch of new things that you think will look good on camera. Let me say it again, your job this day, is to BE YOU!! It’s the easiest audition you’ll ever have!! SO roll with it, get excited, and ABOVE ALL, Have FUN with it!!!


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