Different ‘Looks’

So there is always professional terminology being thrown around. Everyone likes to feel important and ‘in the know’ and be able to throw around flashy lingo. Here’s the skinny on the word of the day “Looks”.

A LOOK is a change in outfit and hair. When you book your appointment, you will be told how many looks are included in the appointment. It is important to differentiate how many looks you bring, will be taken, and how many will be touched up and ready to print. For example, we tell our clients bring a bunch of clothes but plan on 3-4 looks for an appointment. What happens (and it has) if someone brings four outfits and they are all the same color? Or same shirt in four different colors? Or my personal favorite, four different ties. If you bring a BUNCH of clothes, we can make the most of your time with different combinations of things you probably haven’t even thought about. Remember, a headshot is just that, focused on the HEAD so don’t bring four pairs of pants. Instead, bring six tops and layers. For bottoms, wear jeans in its cool, shorts if it’s hot. Unless we are doing a three quarter length shot, who cares what’s on your legs!!


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